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Rear Air Bag Tow Assist Kit

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Price: $280.00

Vehicle Specific Product

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Touring Tech towing assist kit includes (2) 2500lb air springs with brackets, corrosion proof push to connect fittings, hardware, ¼” DOT approved air line and Schrader fill/release valve. Simple installation with no drilling or modifications necessary. Provides up to 5000lbs of leveling capacity.
Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
1963Ford F-250
1963Ford F-350
1964Ford F-250
1964Ford F-350
1965Ford F-250
1965Ford F-350
1966Ford F-250
1966Ford F-350
1967Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1967Ford F-250
1967Ford F-350
1968Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1968Ford F-100
1968Ford F-250
1968Ford F-350
1969Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1969Dodge D100 Pickup
1969Dodge D200 Pickup
1969Dodge D300 Pickup
1969Dodge W100 Pickup
1969Dodge W200 Pickup
1969Dodge W300 Pickup
1969Ford F-100
1969Ford F-250
1969Ford F-350
1970Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1970Dodge D100 Pickup
1970Dodge D200 Pickup
1970Dodge D300 Pickup
1970Dodge W100 Pickup
1970Dodge W200 Pickup
1970Dodge W300 Pickup
1970Ford F-100
1970Ford F-250
1970Ford F-350
1971Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1971Dodge D100 Pickup
1971Dodge D200 Pickup
1971Dodge D300 Pickup
1971Dodge W100 Pickup
1971Dodge W200 Pickup
1971Dodge W300 Pickup
1971Ford F-100
1971Ford F-250
1971Ford F-350
1972Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1972Dodge D100 Pickup
1972Dodge D200 Pickup
1972Dodge D300 Pickup
1972Dodge W100 Pickup
1972Dodge W200 Pickup
1972Dodge W300 Pickup
1972Ford F-100
1972Ford F-250
1972Ford F-350
1973Chevrolet C10 Pickup
1973Chevrolet C20 Pickup
1973Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1973Dodge D100 Pickup
1973Dodge D200 Pickup
1973Dodge D300 Pickup
1973Dodge W100 Pickup
1973Dodge W200 Pickup
1973Dodge W300 Pickup
1973Ford F-100
1973Ford F-250
1973Ford F-350
1973GMC C25/C2500 Pickup
1973GMC C35/C3500 Pickup
1974Chevrolet C10 Pickup
1974Chevrolet C20 Pickup
1974Chevrolet C30 Pickup
1974Dodge D100 Pickup
1974Dodge D200 Pickup
1974Dodge D300 Pickup
1974Dodge W100 Pickup
1974Dodge W200 Pickup
1974Dodge W300 Pickup
1974Ford F-100
1974Ford F-250
1974Ford F-350
1974GMC C25/C2500 Pickup
1974GMC C35/C3500 Pickup
1975Chevrolet C10
1975Chevrolet C20
1975Chevrolet C30
1975Dodge D200
1975Dodge W100
1975Dodge W200
1975Dodge W300
1975Ford F-100
1975Ford F-150
1975Ford F-250
1975Ford F-350
1975GMC C25
1975GMC C35
1976Chevrolet C10
1976Chevrolet C20
1976Chevrolet C30
1976Dodge D100 Panel
1976Dodge D200
1976Dodge W100
1976Dodge W200
1976Dodge W300
1976Ford F-100
1976Ford F-150
1976Ford F-250
1976Ford F-350
1976GMC C25
1976GMC C35
1977Chevrolet C10
1977Chevrolet C20
1977Chevrolet C30
1977Dodge D100 Panel
1977Dodge D150
1977Dodge D200
1977Dodge W100
1977Dodge W150
1977Dodge W200
1977Dodge W300
1977Ford F-100
1977Ford F-150
1977Ford F-250
1977Ford F-350
1977GMC C25
1977GMC C35
1978Chevrolet C10
1978Chevrolet C20
1978Chevrolet C30
1978Dodge D150
1978Dodge D200
1978Dodge W100
1978Dodge W150
1978Dodge W200
1978Dodge W300
1978Ford F-100
1978Ford F-150
1978Ford F-250
1978Ford F-350
1978GMC C25
1978GMC C35
1979Chevrolet C10
1979Chevrolet C20
1979Chevrolet C30
1979Dodge D100 Panel
1979Dodge D150
1979Dodge D200
1979Dodge W100
1979Dodge W150
1979Dodge W200
1979Dodge W300
1979Ford F-100
1979Ford F-150
1979Ford F-250
1979Ford F-350
1979GMC C1500
1979GMC C2500
1979GMC C3500
1980Chevrolet C10
1980Chevrolet C20
1980Chevrolet C30
1980Dodge D100 Panel
1980Dodge D150
1980Dodge D200
1980Dodge W100
1980Dodge W150
1980Dodge W200
1980Dodge W300
1980Ford F-150
1980Ford F-250
1980Ford F-350
1980GMC C1500
1980GMC C2500
1980GMC C3500
1981Chevrolet C10
1981Chevrolet C20
1981Chevrolet C30
1981Dodge D150
1981Dodge D250
1981Dodge D350
1981Dodge W100
1981Dodge W150
1981Dodge W250
1981Dodge W350
1981Ford F-150
1981Ford F-250
1981Ford F-350
1981GMC C1500
1981GMC C2500
1981GMC C3500
1982Chevrolet C10
1982Chevrolet C20
1982Chevrolet C30
1982Dodge D150
1982Dodge D250
1982Dodge D350
1982Dodge W100
1982Dodge W150
1982Dodge W250
1982Dodge W350
1982Ford F-150
1982Ford F-250
1982Ford F-350
1982GMC C1500
1982GMC C2500
1982GMC C3500
1983Chevrolet C10
1983Chevrolet C20
1983Chevrolet C30
1983Dodge D150
1983Dodge D250
1983Dodge D350
1983Dodge W100
1983Dodge W150
1983Dodge W250
1983Dodge W350
1983Ford F-150
1983Ford F-250
1983Ford F-350
1983GMC C1500
1983GMC C2500
1983GMC C3500
1984Chevrolet C10
1984Chevrolet C20
1984Chevrolet C30
1984Dodge D150
1984Dodge D250
1984Dodge D350
1984Dodge W100
1984Dodge W150
1984Dodge W250
1984Dodge W350
1984Ford F-150
1984Ford F-250
1984Ford F-350
1984GMC C1500
1984GMC C2500
1984GMC C3500
1985Chevrolet C10
1985Chevrolet C20
1985Chevrolet C30
1985Dodge D150
1985Dodge D250
1985Dodge D350
1985Dodge W100
1985Dodge W150
1985Dodge W250
1985Dodge W350
1985Ford F-150
1985Ford F-250
1985Ford F-350
1985GMC C1500
1985GMC C2500
1985GMC C3500
1986Chevrolet C10
1986Chevrolet C20
1986Chevrolet C30
1986Dodge D150
1986Dodge D250
1986Dodge D350
1986Dodge W100
1986Dodge W150
1986Dodge W250
1986Dodge W350
1986Ford F-150
1986Ford F-250
1986Ford F-350
1986GMC C1500
1986GMC C2500
1986GMC C3500
1987Chevrolet C20
1987Chevrolet R10
1987Chevrolet R20
1987Chevrolet R30
1987Dodge D150
1987Dodge D250
1987Dodge D350
1987Dodge W100
1987Dodge W150
1987Dodge W250
1987Dodge W350
1987Ford F-150
1987Ford F-250
1987Ford F-350
1987GMC R1500
1988Dodge D150
1988Dodge D250
1988Dodge D350
1988Dodge W100
1988Dodge W150
1988Dodge W250
1988Dodge W350
1988Ford F-150
1988Ford F-250
1988Ford F-350
1989Dodge D150
1989Dodge D250
1989Dodge D350
1989Dodge W100
1989Dodge W150
1989Dodge W250
1989Dodge W350
1989Ford F-150
1989Ford F-250
1989Ford F-350
1990Dodge D150
1990Dodge D250
1990Dodge D350
1990Dodge W150
1990Dodge W250
1990Dodge W350
1990Ford Bronco
1990Ford F-150
1990Ford F-250
1990Ford F-350
1991Dodge D150
1991Dodge D250
1991Dodge D350
1991Dodge W150
1991Dodge W250
1991Dodge W350
1991Ford Bronco
1991Ford F-150
1991Ford F-250
1991Ford F-350
1992Dodge D150
1992Dodge D250
1992Dodge D350
1992Dodge W150
1992Dodge W250
1992Dodge W350
1992Ford Bronco
1992Ford F-150
1992Ford F-250
1992Ford F-350
1993Dodge D150
1993Dodge D250
1993Dodge D350
1993Dodge W150
1993Dodge W250
1993Dodge W350
1993Ford Bronco
1993Ford F-150
1993Ford F-250
1993Ford F-350
1994Dodge Ram 1500
1994Dodge Ram 2500
1994Dodge Ram 3500
1994Ford Bronco
1994Ford F-150
1994Ford F-250
1994Ford F-350
1994Freightliner MB60
1994Freightliner MB70
1995Dodge Ram 1500
1995Dodge Ram 2500
1995Dodge Ram 3500
1995Ford Bronco
1995Ford F-150
1995Ford F-250
1995Ford F-350
1995Freightliner MB Line
1995Freightliner MB60
1995Freightliner MB70
1995Freightliner XB Line
1996Dodge Ram 1500
1996Dodge Ram 2500
1996Dodge Ram 3500
1996Ford Bronco
1996Ford F-150
1996Ford F-250
1996Ford F-350
1996Freightliner MB Line
1996Freightliner XB Line
1997Dodge Ram 1500
1997Dodge Ram 2500
1997Dodge Ram 3500
1997Ford F-250
1997Ford F-250 HD
1997Ford F-350
1997Freightliner MB Line
1997Freightliner MT35
1997Freightliner XB Line
1998Dodge Ram 1500
1998Dodge Ram 2500
1998Dodge Ram 3500
1998Ford F-250
1998Ford F-350
1998Freightliner MB Line
1998Freightliner MT35
1998Freightliner MT45
1998Freightliner XB Line
1999Dodge Ram 1500
1999Dodge Ram 2500
1999Dodge Ram 3500
1999Ford F-250
2000Dodge Ram 1500
2000Dodge Ram 2500
2000Dodge Ram 3500
2000Ford F-250
2001Dodge Ram 1500
2001Dodge Ram 2500
2001Dodge Ram 3500
2001Ford F-250
2002Dodge Ram 2500
2002Dodge Ram 3500
2002Ford F-250
2003Ford F-250
2004Ford F-250