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RED Rear Heavy Duty Coil Springs

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Price: $65.00

Vehicle Specific Product

Check below vehicle fitment table before adding to cart

Heavy duty rear springs and clamps provide extrea support for carts with heavy accessories.

Touring Tech Performance Series lowering springs are manufactured using 55 chrome silicon steel which exceeds OEM standards. Heavy duty rear springs are ideal for carts with rear seats or cargo boxes, compensating for increased load while maintaining drivability and backed with a lifetime warranty.


Yamaha G14/ G16/ G19/ G22/ G29 Golf Cart

Vehicle Fitment
Year Make Model Submodel Drive
1995Yamaha G14-A Ultima
1995Yamaha G14-E Ultima
1996Yamaha G14-A Ultima
1996Yamaha G14-E Ultima
1996Yamaha G16-A Ultima
1996Yamaha G16-E Ultima
1996Yamaha G19-E Ultima
1997Yamaha G16-A Ultima
1997Yamaha G16-E Ultima
1997Yamaha G19-E Ultima
1998Yamaha G16-A Ultima
1998Yamaha G16-E Ultima
1998Yamaha G19-E Ultima
1999Yamaha G16-A Ultima
1999Yamaha G16-E Ultima
1999Yamaha G19-E Ultima
2000Yamaha G16-A Ultima
2000Yamaha G16-E Ultima
2000Yamaha G19-E Ultima
2001Yamaha G16-A Ultima
2001Yamaha G16-E Ultima
2001Yamaha G19-E Ultima
2002Yamaha G16-A Ultima
2002Yamaha G16-E Ultima
2002Yamaha G19-E Ultima
2003Yamaha G22-A G-MAX
2003Yamaha G22-E G-MAX
2004Yamaha G22-A G-MAX
2004Yamaha G22-E G-MAX
2005Yamaha G22-A G-MAX
2005Yamaha G22-E G-MAX
2006Yamaha G22-A G-MAX
2006Yamaha G22-E G-MAX
2007Yamaha G22-A G-MAX
2007Yamaha G22-E G-MAX